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Discipleship Pathway - Moments of Hope Church

Core 1: Scripture
“Scripture as a Second Language”

Foundational Class:

“Understanding the Bible” * or “The Story of God”


Suggested Electives:

“Into the Mind of the Master” *

“Surrounded: What the Bible Says about Angels” *

Core 2: Theology
“Know What We Believe”

Foundational Class:

“Key Doctrines of the Faith” or “The Bible’s Authority” *

Suggested Electives:

“Foundations of the Faith” *

“Answering the Tough Questions” * 

Core 3: Wholeness
“Live Out Our Faith”

Foundational Class:

“Wholeness: Spirit, Soul, and Body” or “Wholeness Workshop”


Suggested Electives:

“Building Your Finances God’s Way” *

“Marriage Workshop” *

Core 4: Outreach
“To the Least and the Lost” 

Foundational Class:

“Set Free to Serve: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” or

“Just Go: Always Be Ready” (Hope U Family) *


Suggested Electives:

“How to Walk in the Spirit” *

“Pastoral Care Workshop” 

Stayed Tuned

More information is coming soon.


Upcoming Classes

Hope U: Family is your next chance to take select CORE 4 classes!

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