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Welcome to The Grow Campaign, an effort to begin the development and cultivation of Hope Farm for the Kingdom of God. We are convinced that God is doing a new thing and we are excited to partner with Him to see it accomplished.  The church desperately needs fresh contexts to reach people for Jesus and we think Hope Farm will play a significant role in seeing that happen.


Hope Farm - The Beginning

In August of 2020, Moments of Hope Church stepped out in faith to purchase a 137 acre farm in Clover, SC in the middle of a global pandemic.


There were some general thoughts about using it for discipleship and evangelism, but there was no concrete vision. Over the last year and a half, the Lord has been gracious to give more vision for how we can begin to use this beautiful and unique land to advance the Kingdom of God.

The Future

We are beginning to work with an amazing team to create a master plan for how to develop this property so that we can carry out the ministry to which God is calling us. God is going to use Hope Farm to intentionally train and equip His people for Kingdom impact and to see more people experience the salvation and wholeness that Jesus has made available to us.  Hope Farm will be a place where people experience an unhurried environment and learn how to linger in the presence of God, bringing healing and restoration to their souls.

Planned projects:

  • Indoor Meeting Space with Kitchen

  • Lodging

  • Restrooms 

  • Landscaping and Trails 

Hope Farm

Kingdom Impact for Generations

The landscape of the church at large is changing by the minute and the beauty of the farm is that it allows the church to dream differently about ministry.  Methods that have worked for centuries may not work in decades to come, but we believe that through Hope Farm, Moments of Hope Church is on the cutting edge of pioneering a new way of doing ministry so that we can make disciples who know Christ, grow in Christ, and go for Christ. The Grow Campaign will help make this a reality.


When people step onto this land, we believe they will experience the presence of God in unmistakable ways that will change them forever because this is holy ground.  It has been set apart for the purpose of ministry.  The history, beauty, and prophetic words spoken over this land are evidence of God’s faithfulness and give us glimmers that He has an incredible plan in store for His church.  He has preserved this property to be a setting for worship, activation, and revival.  We invite you to help us cultivate Hope Farm so that more people experience the goodness of God, the restoration of their souls, and the transformation of generations for the Kingdom of God to be realized on earth as it is in heaven.

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