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Hi Parents!

This week your Little Kid will hear about the very first rainbow ever! In the Bible story, God told Noah to build a big boat. God used the boat to keep Noah, his family, and the animals safe from the water

Noah knew he didn’t have to worry because God’s got it! Who’s got it?


When God dried up all of the water, He did the most amazing thing! God put a rainbow in the sky to show His promise that He would never flood the whole earth again. When we see a rainbow, we can remember that God keeps His promises. God is always with us.

Parents, be on the lookout for a rainbow and when you see one, make sure to remind your Little Kid what it symbolizes and that God’s got it:

  • When I am afraid.

  • When I am alone.

  • When there is a storm.

  • When someone I love is sick.

  • When it’s raining.

  • When I break my favorite toy.

  • When a friend is unkind.


Memory Verse:

“God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9, NLT

Bottom Line:

Who’s got it? God’s got it.

Bible Story:

God keeps His promises. (Noah) 

Genesis 6:8-33, 7:1-24, 8:1–9:17


Hope BIG Kids


  Hi Parents!  

Remember when we couldn’t leave our homes a few months ago?

It was hard, wasn’t it? We missed our friends. We missed out on fun events. Some of your Big Kids might have even had a birthday during that time, but they couldn’t have a party. Or even worse, some of you might have known someone who got sick. Looking back on that time, it would be easy to only remember what was difficult, frustrating, or sad.

This week your Big Kid will learn there’s a better way. It means that we have to look differently at the things that are happening in our lives. Paul told the Philippians how to do it, and we can do the same thing, too.


When we look at life the way Paul did, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t hard or that they won’t be hard in the future. When we choose to focus on what’s good in our lives and what God is doing, it allows us to see even the bad things in a whole new way.

Make it personal by sharing with your Big Kid some things that you are grateful for, and ways that you focus on what’s true even in difficult situations. I would encourage you to talk about how the pandemic has affected you and how being able to focus on what is true, noble and lovely has helped you get through a hard time and even allowed you to see God's goodness through hardships. 

Story Videos (1st - 3rd)

Story Videos (4th - 5th)


 Bottom Line: 

Focus on what’s true.


 Life App: 

Integrity—Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

 Basic Truth: 

I need to make the wise choice.

 Bible Story: 

Always on My Mind (Think on These Things)

Philippians 4:8

 Memory Verse: 

“Anyone who lives without blame walks safely. But anyone who takes a crooked path will get caught.” - Proverbs 10:9 (NIrV)





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