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8 Great Ways to Honor Your Wife: Encourage Her Gifts

I want to see biblical manhood reflected in the church. I want husbands to know how to honor their wives, creating strong marriages. I want to see strong, healthy families who love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. I believe a strong family starts with a strong marriage. And a strong marriage starts with humble men who know how to honor their wives. We are looking at 8 great ways for husbands to develop a culture of honor with their wives. Here is the next tool: encourage her gifts! Your wife has a call from God that he has given her to accomplish (Ephesians 2:10). There is a call from God inside of her that only she can do. It is different from yours. Help her find out what that work is. Then, help her do it. Study her. Watch what she loves to do. Ask her what she loves to do. Maybe start with some simple questions like, “What brings you life?” or “What sucks the life out of you?” Then take some time to dream with her. See what God has put inside of her. And then help her accomplish it. For example, my wife Marilynn loves to learn. I have always known that. So, when she approaches me with opportunities for further learning and study, I want to do whatever I can to support her in making that happen! In the 1990’s, I watched her earn a Master's in Human Development and a master's from a local university. Within the last year, she received a Master's in Theology from Duke University – and, yes, summa cum laude in both degrees (I’m bragging, but so proud!). I have also loved seeing her use these gifts in teaching, which is her primary passion. Husbands, as you set your wives up to win and encourage the flourishing of her gifts, it helps you become closer and closer. And yet another tool to foster honor and for two to become one!

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