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A Life of Hope: Read Biblical Stories

by David Chadwick A life of faith, hope and love is characteristic of the Christian walk. How do you cultivate a life of hope? Yesterday, we talked about remembering your story. How important it is to keep account of your story with God and to reflect on it often. Today, I want to encourage you to read biblical stories. Look at different biblical accounts where people stood in hope. Take Abraham and Sarah, for example. They waited in hope for 25 years, clinging to the promise of a baby long before they saw the fulfillment of the promise. David took on Goliath with a slingshot and a heart full of hope. He trusted in God more than he feared Goliath. How about Paul? He spent years murdering Christians and persecuting those who claimed to follow the one, true God. God appears to him and he is radically saved. What wonderful hope this should bring to our hearts to see radical salvation from darkness to marvelous light! And always remember Jesus. In three days, his Father transformed his ugly death into a glorious victory through his resurrection from the dead. These are just some examples. Comb through the pages of Scripture and find more examples of biblical characters’ hope. They are everywhere! Use the hope you see demonstrated in their lives to stir up hope in your life. Watch as your own hope increases!

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