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Courage in Culture: Decide Beforehand

by David Chadwick Courage. Defined as “the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Throughout Scripture, God tells his followers to take courage, to be people of courage, to not fear, to stand in the face of opposition. Over the next two weeks, we are going to look at how God would instruct us to have courage in culture. How to prepare ourselves to stand for Jesus in these uncertain times. How to remain so fixed on what is before us and the eternal reward that we have through Jesus, that nothing can shake us! So, how do we have courage in culture? You must decide beforehand. You must have your answer already made long before you are faced with a hard situation. The story of Daniel gives a biblical account of this kind of courage. Daniel was exported at the age of 13 or so from Israel to Babylon during the Babylonian captivity. The Babylonian culture was godless in every way – much like our present western culture. Babylon was a polytheistic society, filled with New Age star-gazing and horoscopes, sexually profligate, prideful, and ridden with selfish ambition. It was a culture driven by capture and expansion, using humiliation to force foreigners into submission and servitude. Daniel and his three close friends were all teenagers when taken into captivity. They were the best and the brightest young men in Hebrew culture. Babylon’s leadership knew the way to capture a culture was to take the youngest into captivity and force them to adopt all aspects of their Babylonian ways. Daniel had no choice but to go into captivity. But before he left Jerusalem, he had already decided and proposed in his heart not to adopt the philosophies and godlessness of the Babylonian culture (Daniel 1:8). He knew before he ever set foot in Babylon that he would not worship the Babylonian gods. We must do the same thing. No matter what age you may find yourself to be, and before you ever leave your house and go into the world, decide now, today who is your God. Decide now, today, that the godlessness of woke theology is not biblical. And you will never comply with its godlessness. It is the first and most important way to begin to have courage in culture.

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