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Courage Under Fire: Mighty Man of Valor

by Marilynn Chadwick Courage comes in all kinds of packages. Perhaps you’re in the military. Or you’re a first responder. Or a caregiver holding the hands of the dying. Or you’re faithfully raising your children—pouring life into the next generation. People show courage in many different ways. But do you ever feel like you’re not strong enough or brave enough? If so, you’re in good company. Some of God’s bravest men and women started their journey in weakness. But God’s power transformed them into mighty men and women of valor. Take Gideon. He was the youngest in his family and from the weakest tribe in Israel. His people had wandered into darkness and evil, so God handed them over to their enemies, the Midianites, for seven years. In desperation, they finally turned to God: But Israel grew weak and cried out to the Lord (Judges 6:6 CEB). So the Lord sent His messenger to Gideon: “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor” (Judges 6:12 ESV). To which Gideon responded and basically said, “Who me? I’m just a scared nobody.” “Mighty man of valor” was a term reserved for warriors. Heroes. Champions. Not a frightened young man from a beaten-down nation. But God saw something special in Gideon. He did not speak to his current emotional state, he spoke to his true identity and said: “You have strength, so go and rescue Israel from the power of Midian. Am I not personally sending you?” “Because I’m with you, you’ll defeat the Midianites as if they were just one person” (Judges 6:14-16 CEB). And that’s just what happened. Gideon stepped out in faith to save his nation. He became a new man in the process—a mighty man of valor. Have your problems left you feeling defeated? Perhaps you struggle with fear like Gideon? The same God that breathed life into Gideon sees you. You are a child of God. You belong to him. Hear the Lord whispering to you at this moment: "I am with you, mighty warrior, man or woman of valor. And because I am with you, you will have strength and courage to prevail!"

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