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Davidisms: A Rested Reserve Is Always Better than a Tired Superstar

Coach Dean Smith won two national championships. He was an incredible man and leader. The many lessons I learned from him continue to impact my life today.

Years ago, I was watching one of Coach Smith’s national championship games. At a key point in the second half, Coach put in a reserve player for a superstar at a key moment in the game. I couldn’t believe his decision. What was he doing?

Until I remembered this quote, something he said repeatedly: A rested reserve is always better than a tired superstar.

Coach Smith knew that as great a player as someone may be, if he’s tired - he’s tired! And can’t perform to the best of his abilities. So Coach put in a rested reserve for a few minutes, and guess what happened? The superstar reentered the game refreshed - and led the team to victory.

The Lord knows we need rest. He is our Shepherd. And sometimes he makes us lie down in green grass before still waters because he knows we need some time off. To rest (Psalm 23:1-2). And it would be much wiser for us to choose to rest than the Lord make us rest.

We can’t play life’s game well if we are tired. God knows that.

As should we.

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