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Davidisms - Create a Home Where Grace Is In Place

What’s one of the best things, as parents, that you can ever do for your family? Create a home where grace is in place. Every human being needs air to breathe. If it’s clean, pure air, the person has the best chance for health and wholeness. If it’s unhealthy air, the opposite is true. Therefore, create the clean, pure, healthy air of grace in your home. Create a home where grace is in place. The best air to breathe is filled with God’s grace. Where your kids know your love is not based on their performance, but simply because they are loved by you. Forgiven and hugged when they make mistakes. A home where nothing can ever separate them from your love, and the grace of their Father (Rom. 8:38-39). A home that they will want to return to. Let your kids constantly breathe Jesus’s air of grace in your home. And, most likely, they will grow up spiritually, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

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