• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Crises Show Who True Friends Are

Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive to “count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds” (James 1:2)? Why would we be joyful when experiencing hardship and pain? Sorrow and sadness? Crises and chaos?

Here’s one answer: Trials show us the vast difference between an acquaintance and a friend. For when trials come, acquaintances become indifferent. Apathetic. Uninvolved. Even distant. And they scatter like mice.

But your friends - true friends - remain. They stand firmly by your side as they honor your friendship. They are a phone call away. They check in regularly with you to see how you’re doing. Your enemies become their enemies. Your allies, their allies. True friends are closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24).

Crises indeed shows who your true, life-long friends are.

And in that revelation, joy abounds.

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