• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Don't Retire. Refire!

Many of us begin planning for retirement as early as our 20’s. We envision and prepare for the days our lives will be all play and no work. But planning for retirement wasn’t always the case. In the Bible, the idea of retiring was applicable only to priests. God regulated the priestly office and limited the age of active priests to 50, which at the time was a very old age for priests to meet the physical needs of their calling. Now consider Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb. These mighty men lived out their calling in the latter years of their lives. Moses began leading the Israelites when he was 80. 80! And he faithfully continued his duty until he was 120. And then there’s Aaron. He was 83 when he began his calling as High Priest. Joshua was in his late 70’s when he led the Israelites into the Promised Land. And Caleb was 85 when he sought to take the land where the giants were the biggest when he and Joshua entered the Promised Land. Think about all these men who fulfilled the Lord’s calling on their life. They were well past the typical age of retirement! Here’s the point: Don’t set your mind to retire. Set your mind to refire! Find a way to serve others in the name of Jesus. There will always be needs around you. As you age, move from success to significance. When you face the Lord one day, he won’t care about your successes for yourself. He will care about your significance for him. And always remember: Age is just a number. Jesus can use you in great ways in every season of your life. That’s why you don’t retire. You refire!

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