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Davidisms: Don't Trivialize Eternal Realities

Think about words like “hell” or “damn.” They’re spoken so often in our culture with little - if any - thought of the implications behind them. Their biblical roots. What they really mean.

These words are startling and significant, yet they’re often spoken thoughtlessly and casually.

What’s the lesson? Don’t trivialize eternal realities.

When we use severe words casually, we lessen their meaning. In fact, we are expressing doubt that these realities and destinations actually exist. We are trivializing eternal realities. And cutting the nerve cord of a passion for evangelism.

Jesus came from heaven to earth - to seek and save the lost from hell (Luke 19:10). He taught us more about hell than heaven. It is very important to him.

Also, Jesus taught us not to fear man, but to fear God who has the power to throw both body and soul into hell (Matthew 10:26-28). If you really believe this, might it change your choice of words?

Jesus understood the seriousness of speaking about eternal destinations.

As should we.

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