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Davidisms: Double Restoration

In the book of Job, we learn of the incredible suffering Job endured while being tested by Satan. At the end of the story – after all that Job had lost – God restored double to him (Job 42:10). It’s a beautiful ending to a difficult, painful story.

But don’t miss the steps God took Job through before this double restoration took place. First, Job acknowledged God’s sovereignty and greatness. Then, he stated that he knew God could do anything, and no plan of his could be thwarted (Job 42:2).

Next, Job had to pray for his three friends who had been abysmally insensitive and cruel to him in his suffering. Which means Job forgave them. No root of bitterness would be allowed in Job’s heart (Hebrews 12:15).

Then, and only then, after Job took these steps, did the double restoration occur.

Do you want a double restoration?

Check your faith in God. Is it real? Do you really believe that nothing is impossible for God? That no plan of his can be thwarted? Have you forgiven - truly forgiven from the heart - those who have hurt you? Are you sure there is no root of bitterness lingering within?

If so, expect double for your trouble. God’s double restoration! God is able to do anything.

In his timing and way. All for his glory alone.

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