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Davidisms: God Is More Concerned with Your Eternal Character than Your Present Comfort

When hard places occur in our lives, we often wonder where God is. We may feel forgotten. Overlooked. Alone.

Yet Romans 5:3-5 says that we are to rejoice in our tough times. In our trials and tribulations. Because God is using them to produce perseverance. And perseverance produces proven character. And proven character produces hope that doesn’t disappoint.

A person’s character can’t be proven and produced without trials.

We groan to God when we’re not comfortable. Or turn him into an eternal slot machine to meet our every need. And when he doesn’t, we complain.

But God wants to form eternal, heavenly citizens (Philippians 3:20). What happens here helps form our eternal character there.

That’s why God is much more concerned with our eternal character than our present comfort.

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