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Davidisms - Jesus Slept in a Storm to Show Us We Should Too

When facing dire circumstances, what do you do? Become fearful? Anxious? Discouraged and dismayed? That’s what the disciples did. Even when Jesus was physically with them! While Jesus and his disciples were in a boat crossing the sea, a furious storm appeared out of nowhere. The high winds caused waves to break over the boat. The disciples panicked (Mt. 8:23-27). They thought they were going to die. Where was Jesus? In the back of the boat, sound asleep. Jesus slept in the storm to show us we should, too. He wanted his disciples, and us, to learn this truth: He is sovereign over all the storms of life. We can sleep during any storm because our Father never slumbers or sleeps (Psalm 121:4). The disciples became fearful and upset with Jesus for sleeping. But instead of comforting them, Jesus rebuked their lack of faith! If we have great faith, we can sleep during our storms. We understand that God is overseeing them all. And he never sleeps! Try this next time you’re faced with an unexpected storm: take a nap. Sleep in his sovereignty. Rest in his rule over all. Jesus slept in a storm to show us we should, too.

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