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Davidisms: Praying Dangerously

Have you ever thought about how much time Jesus spent in prayer? Jesus’s prayerful connection to God the Father was the reason behind his great power.

It’s why the disciples asked Jesus to teach them only one thing: “Lord, will you teach us how to pray?”

Jesus answered them, “When you pray, pray like this…” (Matthew 6:5-8). It’s what we commonly refer to now as The Lord’s Prayer.

But note how Jesus began his instruction. By telling the disciples, not if they pray, but when they pray. Jesus’s followers are expected to pray.

So, when you do pray, pray dangerously!

Pray this dangerous prayer: “Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.” The Holy Spirit will begin moving in your heart. Showing you circumstances that occur in this fallen world that break God’s heart. Things that don’t exist in heaven.

Thy Kingdom come.

What happens next? From your prayer, the Spirit will reveal to you what the Lord is calling you to do. Your life gains new purpose. You see what God created you to do.

I dare you today to pray the most dangerous prayer possible: "Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.

You’ll never be the same.

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