• David Chadwick

Introducing Davidisms

For the past several years, I’ve had many different people encourage me to write down all of my “Davidisms” as they are sometimes affectionately called. Over the next year plus, I have decided to do so.

These are phrases that I’ve had taught to me by mentors (like my dad, coaches, and teachers), phrases I’ve heard others say (and I’ve long forgotten from whom), quotes I’ve read and have adjusted to my own life and understanding, or occasionally something that I thought up (and if it’s a good idea, I’m the most amazed of all).

I think people appreciate these statements because they are easy to remember and profound in their veracity. All truth is God’s truth. And when God’s truth is learned and applied, life is richer and more meaningful.

If you’re a parent, please feel free to teach them to your kids. Or mentoring anyone in any way. Again, they were mostly taught to me. And unlike no other time in history do we need practical common sense to guide our thoughts and actions.

Here we go! Here are my Davidisms that I’ve learned through the years.

They come from my heart to yours.

Enjoy them! But, mostly, live by them!

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