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Davidisms - The Goal of Marriage: Two Different People Become One

Some people believe that Christian marriages are like regular ones. One out of two will end in divorce. But secular studies show that in marriages where a man and a woman develop spiritual disciplines together, pray and worship together, study God’s Word together, and serve together, the divorce rate is more than one out of every one thousand. That’s pretty astounding when you think about what marriage asks of us. For two to become one. Two very different people - male and female. From two different family systems. From two different backgrounds. With two different life experiences. Two incredibly different people melted and fused together by the Holy Spirit - amazingly, and over time - become one flesh. Their lives mysteriously mixed together (Gen. 2:24). How is this possible? Jesus said that what God joins together, no human can ever separate (Matt. 19:6). Since God is Spirit, it must be the spiritual qualities of two lives that glues them together as one. Thus, making sense of a man and woman practicing God’s spiritual disciplines causing their union life as one. Strive for this spiritual union in your marriage! It’s God’s will. It’s joyously wonderful when experienced. It’s God’s goal in marriage: Two different people become one.

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