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Davidisms - Visit Mount Olivet

The mountains keep calling this fall! Let’s use the love for fall in the mountains to continue to lead us to the Bible for perspective on some of God’s significant mountains.

Visit Mount Olivet with me. This is the mountain where Jesus gave his final sermon on the End Times in Matthew 24.

This is also the mountain that Jesus will return to, with feet firmly planted on this earth, to claim it as his own forever. This mountain will be such a significant place of displaying his authority.

It is also a place where we discover some of Jesus’ most profound teachings - especially on the End Times.

Go to this mountain to learn about Jesus’ precious promises to come back for his Bride. Learn how these promises are unfolding before our very eyes. And how our heart of faith can be at rest knowing that Jesus oversees this world.

One day he will return and claim this world as his own.

All will be restored. Justice will prevail.

In case you don’t know, Jesus wins.

And Mount Olivet should remind us of that.

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