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Davidisms: What Is Hidden from You Is Not Hidden from God

What is hidden from you is not hidden from God.

We live in a temporal, visible world. God lives in an eternal, invisible world. If the life of Job teaches us anything, it proves that God oversees the eternal, invisible world. And what happens there - in heaven - influences what happens here - on earth.

As Job went through much pain and suffering, the one thing he did not know was what was occurring in the heavenly realm (Job 1-2). That God had permitted his suffering. And Job’s decision to remain faithful to the Lord had implications for what God was permitting Satan to do.

That should bring comfort to us as well. When we are passing through deep waters or going through fiery trials, God is with us (Isaiah 43:2-3). He has not deserted us. He will never leave us or forsake us.

If you’re facing a situation today that is inexplicable to you, remember, God sees all. Directs all. Permits all.

Remember, what is hidden from us that we don’t understand, is not hidden from God who knows all. He knows. And understands. What’s happening to you is not catching God by surprise.

And God promises to use it all – both our triumphs and our sorrows - for our good and his glory (Romans 8:28).

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