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Davidisms: You Reproduce Who You Are, Not What You Do

This is a very important parenting tip: You reproduce who you are, not what you do.

If you plant an apple seed, what will grow? Apples, of course. Same with orange seeds. Watermelon seeds. Pecan seeds. This has been true since the beginning of time. “The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kind” (Genesis 1:12).

A seed will produce the DNA within it. According to its own kind.

The same is true for people. You reproduce who you are, not what you do.

Consider the biblical image of the root of the Holy Spirit. From that root, the fruit of the Spirit is produced (Galatians 5:22-23). Therefore, it’s the root - who the Spirit is - that produces the fruit exhibited in a believer’s life.

Parents, are you listening? Your kids are watching who you are, much more than what you do. And they will not desire to reproduce in their own lives any hypocrisy they observe in yours.

Parents, you will most likely reproduce your life with Jesus in your kids.

It’s a sobering thought for all parents.

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