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Elijah Eats

When God wanted to help Elijah overcome his anxiety and depression, the first thing he did was prescribe sleep.  Why?  Because what happens to our bodies affects our emotions.  Sleep can help us overcome anxiety.

After Elijah had slept for a while, an angel awakened him.  How long had he slept?  I wonder if it might have been for as much as 12 hours – or even more.  There have been many times in my life when I’ve been so tired that a 12-hour sleep was necessary.  It appears that Elijah was in such a deep, restorative sleep that an angel from heaven had to shake his shoulder to awaken him.

Next, the angel gave Elijah something to eat.  He had already prepared a cake baked on hot stones on a fire.  Interestingly, the angel had built the cooking fire next to Elijah’s head.  Perhaps this was so the weary prophet could awaken to a fragrant aroma.  The angel probably knew the smell of freshly baked cake would help Elijah wake up – as well as encourage his soul.  This was yet another step towards healing Elijah’s anxious heart.

Whatever the cake was, it must have been wonderfully healthy.  If it was manna, it surely helped the Israelites remain vigorous during their long journey.  If it was what the angels in heaven eat, it must have been perfectly nutritious in every way.  We can be sure there is no unhealthy food in heaven!

After the angel awakened Elijah, he fed him good, healthy food.  He knew the connection between proper nutrition and healing raw human emotions.  Did you know anxiety can be exacerbated by eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates?  Remember, the body, soul, and spirit are all connected.  When you eat healthy food, you are nourishing your body along with your mind, your will, and your emotions.

By properly managing our food intake, we can build up the energy reserves we need for fighting off depression and anxiety.  As we continue to shelter at home, we are provided additional time for “temple upkeep.”  Time to sleep, time to eat healthy meals, time to hydrate our bodies by drinking lots of water.

So tonight, fight back against anxiety.  Prepare a healthy, homemade meal, filling your home with the pleasant aroma of a delicious dinner.  Then, get another good night’s sleep!  Feeding yourself well will starve anxiety.

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