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Hidden Signs of Jesus' Return: People in Kyiv Given Potassium and Iron Pills

Our next hidden sign has to do with people in Kyiv, Ukraine being given potassium and iron pills. Like me, you may be reading this and thinking, “what?” Let me explain. Recently, the city council in Kyiv, in preparation for a possible nuclear attack by Russia, has set up evacuation centers for its people. The potassium and iron pills that are also being provided are to provide support if there were to be a nuclear attack. Would Russia dare use a nuclear weapon to win the war in the Ukraine? If so, could this be the precursor to using nukes against Israel, as the Ezekiel 38 coalition comes to life? Remember, it will be primarily Russia, Iran, and Turkey that wage war against Israel before Jesus’ return. And Iran purportedly has, or is very close to, having nuclear weapons at its disposal. Here is yet again, another hidden sign in our midst of Jesus’ promised return to this world. As the world seeks to prepare for natural disasters with natural solutions, remember what Jesus tells us to do in Matthew 25:1-13 in the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Jesus says to be wise, to keep oil in our lamps, to stay awake, and to be ready to meet our Savior. The signs are coming with great frequency and intensity. Be ready.

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