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Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life: Your Kingdom Come

As we wrap up our month of rest, we hope that you enjoy these last few days of some of our favorite blogs from earlier in the year. ______________

We are continuing to learn how to pray. The Lord’s Prayer is the guide Jesus gave his disciples when they asked him how to pray (Matthew 6:9-13). It will help guide us, too.

Each line is another key for how to unlock spiritual doors and enter into the presence of our Daddy in heaven through prayer.

“Your kingdom come, your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.”

Here is your key. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind anything and everything that exists here on earth that doesn’t exist in heaven and then start praying heaven down. Joy for chaos. Hope for hopelessness. Peace for anxiety. And so on.

The grammatical tense used here is the imperative tense, which is used to require or demand an action take place. It is a passionate command.

We are to pray with passion! “Let your kingdom come! Let your will be done!”

Hunger? “Father, feed the hungry!”

Sickness? “Father, heal the sick!”

Abortion? “Father, save all lives!”

Polluted water? “Father, provide clean water!”

Injustice? “Father, rule with justice!”

Abuse? “Father, bind their wounds.”

What a great way to practice three word prayers!

There are so many needs around us. Including your own needs. Your family’s needs. Your friends’ needs.

We should never have a problem finding people or things to pray for that are needing to see a glimpse of heaven invading earth! Until Jesus returns, these pockets of his eternal glory will give hope for what is to come!

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