• David Chadwick

Listen To Your Self-Talk

How can you ascertain whether you are isolated and, as a result, more vulnerable to anxiety?

Listen to your self-talk.  All of us have running conversations with ourselves in our mind.  What are we saying to ourselves?

If this inner conversation is constantly condemning you, anxiety will increase.  If you are speaking words of faith to yourself, you will experience peace.

What are you saying to yourself?

King David knew the importance of self-talk.  In Psalm 42, he asked, “Why are you cast down, O my soul?” (verse 5).  He was questioning why his soul was feeling so much anxiety.  He was examining his emotions.

But David didn’t stop there.  He then said, “Hope in God” (verse 5).  This was not a suggestion, but an imperative, a command.  Hope in God !  David was instructing his soul to believe that God was bigger than his problems.

Presently, we are all experiencing problems caused by COVID-19.  In one way or another, this global pandemic is affecting us all.  But instead of becoming downcast with worry, we must follow King David’s example using the same self-talk he used.  To ourselves we should say, “Hope in God!”  And then we remember from where our hope comes.  We believe that God is bigger than all of our problems, including COVID-19.

What problems are you facing today?  Financial problems?  Relational?  Employment?  Listen to your self-talk.  Put your hope in God alone.  Let your faith encourage faith. 

When you do, your hope in God will overcome your anxiety.

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