• David Chadwick

My Personal God

As we conclude this series - My Personal God - let us reflect on the multi-faceted God we worship and serve. Ponder the multitude of ways in which He loves us. Remember the outpouring of His great love, which He faithfully, freely, and fully gives to all His children.

For it is when we know God personally, that we’re able to experience Him in new ways.

We know God as my Steadfast Love, my Delight, my Glory, my Savior, my Chosen Portion, my Heritage, The Horn of my Salvation, my Dwelling Place, and my King.

We depend on our Father as my Shepherd, my Rock, my Deliverer, my Shield, my Strength and my Fortress, my Hiding Place, my Mighty Rock, my Strong Refuge, and my Strong Tower.

We trust our Daddy as my Lamp, my Cup, my Light, my Song, my Support, my Helper, my Redeemer, my Praise, and my Hope.

Do you see that God’s deepest desire is to have a close, intimate, deeply personal relationship with you?

God already knows you intimately. He formed you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). He knows your every thought, every feeling, every mood. He knows the deepest desires of your heart.

And God wants you to know Him, too. To trust Him. Turn to Him. Rely and depend on Him. To abide in Him. To be in a relationship with Him.

King David knew God as his personal God. God desires that we do as well.

Do you?

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