• David Chadwick

My Personal God - My Lord

Do you believe the eternal God of the universe wants to be your close, personal friend? Your companion? Your ally? God truly does. The Lord is your loving Daddy who yearns to be intimately involved in every area of your life. He wants to be in close, ceaseless contact with you. He longs for a deeply personal relationship with His friend, you. God is in control of everything. He is Lord over all. King David was profoundly aware of God’s sovereignty when he wrote: "You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you" (Psalm 16:2). David understood that if he didn’t recognize God as Lord over all - including himself - nothing in life makes much sense. Life itself offers no guarantees. But God’s sovereign oversight does. King David believed this reality. Do you? That the eternal God of the universe oversees every part of your life? But there is another step of faith to take. God wants you to think of Him as my personal Lord. A sovereign God who is near. Close. Loving. Kind. Intimate. Why? So that He can forever fill your heart with His goodness. His perfect peace. His everlasting joy. Say to God today, “You are my Lord. You know every hair on my head. Without you, I am lost. But with you, I am found. You oversee my entire life. You are my personal God.” When you say this, don’t you feel God’s peace flooding your soul? That peace naturally engulfs a heart that knows the Lord as my God!

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