• David Chadwick

Reading the Signs of the Times: Persecution

Our Reading the Signs of the Times series has been inspired by my friend and author Steve Miller. Steve’s book, "Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues That Jesus' Return Is Nearer Than Ever," shares greater detail on topics included in this series. The next sign we will encounter as Jesus’ return nears is the increase of Christian persecution. Did you know the most persecuted faith in the world is Christianity? This persecution is arising in both intensity and frequency around the globe. It should not surprise us when it happens. The pupil is not greater than the teacher (John 15:20). Remember as well that Jesus said his followers would be blessed for being persecuted for his name’s sake (Matthew 5:10-12). The reward in heaven will be great! Stand strong. Refuse to yield to cultural pressures. Never fudge on the truth. Jesus never gave in. And we are called to follow him. Always be ready and willing to “give the reason for the hope you have” (1 Peter 3:15). Share your story whenever you can and invite the Holy Spirit to do the work. Jesus said that in this world his followers will have tribulations. But never despair. In fact, he said, to take heart. Why? Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33). And if Jesus lives in us, that means we have overcome the world as well!

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