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Reading the Signs of the Times: The New Temple

Our Reading the Signs of the Times series has been inspired by my friend and author Steve Miller. Steve’s book, "Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues That Jesus' Return Is Nearer Than Ever," shares greater detail on topics included in this series. The preparations for a new Temple in Jerusalem is our next sign. We are on our own road trip, exploring the various signs that will lead to the triumphant return of Jesus. The Temple Institute was formed in 1987. Its purpose? To aid in the reestablishment of the Jewish Temple destroyed in 70 AD. It has also sought the red heifer, necessary for the burnt offerings of the priest to be done. They have reconstructed all of the utensils, the libations, sacrifices, priesthood, oils, and so forth are in place for the sacrifices to recommence. The only thing that is still needed is a Temple. But the Muslim’s 3rd holiest site is on the Temple Mount and there has not been a Jewish Temple since 70 AD. How can this be overcome? We don’t fully know. But we do know that this Temple's construction will be part of the Antichrist’s strategy to gain control over the world. It will be a part of his peace strategy in the Middle East. After it is rebuilt, Scripture tells us that the Antichrist will come to the newly built Temple and declare himself to be God, turn against the Jewish people, and thus begin the Great Tribulation. Are all of these things falling into place? It sure does seem so. Why else is there such interest among many people to rebuild the Temple? So, live in such a way that Jesus is pleased. Do a “hustle offense.” Like a quarterback with two minutes left on the clock of a football game, he plays with even greater intensity. He hustles and rallies those around him to win the game. Be prepared. Be alert. Hustle. The kingdom clock is ticking.

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