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Visit Mt. Ararat

The fall season always offers a chance to see God’s multi-colored glory like no other time during the year. How? By going to the mountains.

If you do so this year, always remember that mountains in the Bible are called “the high places.” They are places where you can experience God like nowhere else.

This autumn, make sure you visit the biblical mountains that will enhance your life in Jesus.

For example, visit Mt. Ararat.

As the rain ceased and the flood waters abated, the ark that carried Noah, his family, and all the animals landed on Mt. Ararat. (Genesis 6-9). It was from there that they descended to dry land and the human race had a new beginning.

Mt. Ararat can mean the same for you in your spiritual journey. In Jesus, your sins are forever forgiven and you can begin anew. Start over. Have a new beginning. The old, your past, has passed away. The new, your present and future, begins today (2 Corinthians 5:17).

No sin is beyond God’s grace. Nothing in your past is beyond God’s goodness.

Make sure you visit Mt. Ararat. It’s a place of new beginnings.

And new hope.

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