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Why should I get involved in Avodah?

Middle School and High School can be one of the most challenging seasons for many of us. With the many pressures that students face each day, it is important that teenagers have a place that is actively pouring into them and reminding them of their worth. Avodah prioritizes making disciples for Jesus. By equipping teenagers with Biblical truths, we are preparing them not only for this current season but for their walk with Jesus the rest of their lives.


Can I still be involved if we can’t attend Wednesday nights?

Yes absolutely. If you can’t make Wednesday night because of another obligation, please come talk to Michael or one of our leaders. Avodah wants to see students be SALT and LIGHT. That means if you have another commitment on Wednesday nights (swimming, dance, wrestling, piano, etc.), we want to prepare you to impact that mission field. We are called to use the gifts that God gives us. Send an email to so that we can help equip you and possibly even pair you with a mentor during your busy seasons. Any student is allowed to sign up for one of our winter/spring/ or summer trips. 


Will food be provided?

Food and snacks are provided for students at most Avodah events.


Do I need to register for events?

We do not require registration for our weekly events. We will have registration for the Family Lunch and serve events so we know how to plan for appropriate numbers. If you register for an Avodah event, please be sure to show up or let us know ahead of time if you can’t make it.

How do I stay connected?

We encourage you to join our text list to receive regular updates:

  • High School students and parents: Text "789" to (704) 228-4863

  • Middle School students and parents: Text: "123" to (704) 228-4863


You can also join the “Avodah Student Ministry” group on planning center for updates.


All of our upcoming events are listed on the Avodah page of the church website. 

How do High School Nights work?

High School Nights can best be described as a family gathering. We have dinner, we laugh, we pray, and go through a bible study. We want students to feel like they are walking into a home each time they show up.

Time: 6:30p - 8:15p
Location: Moments of Hope Church (Providence Square)
Details: Text (704) 228-4863 for more information

How do Middle School Nights work?

Middle Schoolers, this is our night to spend with you! We will have dinner, games, and a bible study. During this night we want to lead students closer to Jesus while also deepening relationships with other students your age.

Time: 6:30p - 8:15p
Location: Moments of Hope Church (Providence Square)
Details: Text (704) 228-4863 for more information

What is Avodah “All-In”?

If you can only make one thing this month, this is it! Avodah “All In” nights are an “all hands on deck” type of event. We invite all of our leaders, middle schoolers, and high schoolers together for a night of worship, fellowship, teaching and equipping. Our goal is that these nights light a fire beneath our feet so that we may boldly and confidently run this race drawn out for us.




Join our group contact list and be the first to know what is going on with Avodah.


Middle School → Text 123 to (704) 228-4863

High School → Text 789 to (704) 228-4863

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