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Why are we moving from Sunday night?
Avodah Student Ministry deeply cares about student ministry involving the entire family. We want to see families thriving and strong relationships between parents and students. With that being said, we see Sunday as being sacred to the family and we want to honor that day as being such. We challenge families to be intentional on Sunday nights to do a “heart check” and commit to areas where they can grow closer together and with their relationship with Jesus. 


So we won’t be meeting weekly?
Yes and no. We understand that there is not a perfect night of the week for everyone. Instead of trying to pick the perfect time, Avodah Student Ministry is committed to doing most of its life outside of the night we meet. Our design is that we have a night dedicated to the family, middle school, high school, and all students once a month. Outside of the weekly gatherings, we capitalize on our leaders discipling our students, utilize trips to the farm, build memories through hangout nights and serve events, and recharge by taking winter/summer trips.


Can I still be involved if we can’t attend Wednesday nights?

Yes absolutely. If you can’t make Wednesday night because of another obligation, please come talk to Michael or one of our leaders. We would still love to have your family be apart of the “Family Lunch” as well as any events we do outside of Wednesday nights. Our leaders are also dedicated to help you with your walk with Jesus even if you can’t come to one of our nights. Reach out to Michael Chadwick at to schedule a meetup/coffee/lunch. We also invite you to check out our "All Out" events and to join us on our winter or summer trips. 


Will food be provided?

Food will be provided at the Family Lunch and at the Middle School and High School Nights.


Do I need to register for events?

Please register for the Family Lunch each month so we know how much food to provide. We will plan other nights that month based on approximate numbers from Family Lunch.



How do I stay connected?

We encourage you to join our text list to receive regular updates:

  • High School students and parents: Text "789" to (704) 228-4863

  • Middle School students and parents: Text: "123" to (704) 228-4863


You can also join the “Avodah Student Ministry” group on planning center for updates.


All of our upcoming events are listed on the Avodah page of the church website. 


After September 11th, we will no longer be using the Hope Teens or Hope Teens Parents group.

How do High School Nights work?

High School Night will meet out of a family’s house once a month from 6:30-8:00pm. This night is dedicated to equipping our High Schoolers to understand a biblical topic. Each month, Avodah Student Ministry highlights a different theme to biblically unpack. At the end of the lesson, each High School Student will be paired with a leader of the same sex. That month, our leaders will engage with the students and spend time helping them grow closer to Jesus.

How do Middle School Nights work?

Middle School Night will meet at Providence Square once a month from 6:30-8:00pm. This night is dedicated to equipping our Middle Schoolers to understand a biblical topic. Each month, Avodah Student Ministry highlights a different theme to biblically unpack. During Middle School Night, we invite parents to join as well. While middle schoolers are going through the teaching, parents will go through a lesson with seasoned parents that can help offer wisdom for this important season. 

What is Avodah “All-In”?

Avodah “All-In” is a special night when we bring high school and middle school together for a grand finale to drive home the monthly theme. We will have a time of worship and then move into a lesson from a speaker who is well trained on the theme.

What is Avodah “All-Out”?

Avodah “All-Out” is the life of our ministry that exists outside of our structured events. Each month, Avodah will provide different opportunities for students and families to get involved, make memories, and build relationships. These events are leader led and are designed to share a skill or experience with our middle and high schoolers. Please go to the calendar each month to see the offered “All-Out” event and rsvp accordingly. 




Join our group contact list and be the first to know what is going on with Avodah.


Middle School → Text 123 to (704) 228-4863

High School → Text 789 to (704) 228-4863

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