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Hope Men

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In our current society, men are often isolated and walk through life alone.


"Hope Men" is a made up of guys who hang out, attend events, and help each other grow in their faith together. We know that we need each other to navigate this world.

    We are stronger together.    

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8 Great Ways to Act Like a Man

This 8-part (once a month) series will be taught by David Chadwick. 


This world needs strong men. Jesus knew the importance of biblical manhood. He chose 12 men to walk with him for three years and these men changed the world.

I want to help train and equip men to be faithful followers of Jesus from the Bible's perspective. We will examine subjects like: a man and his wife, a man and his work, a man and his children, a man and his sex life, etc.

Dates:  September 11, October 9, November 13, January 8, February 12, March 11, April 8, and May 13

Men's Bible Study



Our "Hope Men" will gather on Tuesday nights in September for a Bible Study at Carmel Presbyterian Church. Expect to be encouraged and challenged as  you learn more about Scripture while you grow in your relationships with others.

Dates: New session dates will be announced soon

Time: 7:00  - 9:00p

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