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Hope U

Hope U provides an incredible opportunity to grow in your faith and walk with Jesus. Currently we are offering Hope U: Classic, Hope U: Family and Hope U: Homes.

Find a Hope U option that works for you:

Hope U: Family

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Hope U Classic
Hope U Family
Hope U Homes

Check back soon for the dates of our next session!

Recent event: Hope U Family

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This event has ended!

Tuesday April 16 and 23

Carmel Presbyterian

Hopesters from newborn to 99 are invited to join us for a special two-week session of Hope U Family.

Next Up

Event Details:

Dinner at 5pm

Session start time: 6:15pm

Tuesday, April 16th & 23rd 

Carmel Presbyterian Church Sanctuary


Course: “Wholeness: Spirit, Soul, and Body”

God created us with a Spirit, Soul, and Body. Did you know all three impact our growth as disciples? We’ll explore what Scripture teaches about our call to wholeness [and holiness] along with practical ways to live out our faith.  We believe sound doctrine leads to a sound mind and strengthens every area of life. 


Moments of Hope is an intergenerational church where we celebrate the passion of the young and the wisdom of the old. This shorter version of Hope U allows our young families to be part of this interactive learning experience.


At “Wholeness: Spirit, Soul, and Body,” we will:

  • Explore what Scripture teaches about God’s view of wholeness.

  • Learn practical and fun ways to live out our faith.

  • See how wholeness has been emphasized throughout church history.

  • Discover how to flourish as individuals, families, and communities as we live out our faith. 



  • Catered dinner will be available each Tuesday night from 5:00-6:15p.

  • Dinner is complimentary.

  • We hope you will arrive early and enjoy a meal with us.

This is a Foundational Class in our CORE 4 Discipleship Pathway.  That means you’ll get a passport stamp, so bring your passports or pick up a new one in class if you’re a first timer to Hope U.

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