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Hope U

Hope U provides an incredible opportunity to grow in your faith and walk with Jesus. Currently we are offering Hope U: Classic, Hope U: Family and Hope U: Homes.

Find a Hope U option that works for you:

Hope U: Family

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Hope U Classic
Hope U Family
Hope U Homes

Hope U Family: Prayer That Works

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Hope U Family!

Tuesday August 13 & 20

Carmel Presbyterian

Hopesters from newborn to 99 are invited to join us for a special two-week session of Hope U Family.

Next Up

HopeU: Prayer that Works

Tuesday, August 13 & 20

Dinner at 5pm

Session start time: 6:15pm

Carmel Presbyterian Church Sanctuary


The disciples saw Jesus heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead.  Yet, the only thing they ever asked him to teach them was how to pray. “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). Come learn what Jesus teaches all disciples about how to have a prayer life that is simple, yet powerful. Even a child can grasp these special training tips from our Lord.

Moments of Hope is an intergenerational church where we celebrate the passion of the young and the wisdom of the old. This shorter version of Hope U allows our young families to be part of this interactive learning experience.

At “Prayer that Works” we will: 

  • Learn how to overcome common obstacles to prayer. 

  • Find out why it’s important to pray specifically.

  • Explore prayer methods that work for you.

  • Get this right and you’ll turbo charge your prayers.

  • Discover how real-life stories can increase your faith.

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