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Moments of Hope Church exists “to glorify God by making disciples who KNOW Christ, GROW in Christ, and GO for Christ” and Hope Farm carries a unique expression within this local church body. Since The Grow Campaign launched last year, Hope Farm has continued to see fruitfulness both in the physical land and in the soil of people’s hearts. Testimonies of life change are springing up everywhere. There have been personal breakthroughs, marriages healed, and families strengthened. On a practical note, so much work has been done at the farm. Things like cutting 6 miles of trails with 9 bridges built within those trails. Multiple old barns have been restored. The pecan trees were harvested. A bee apiary has been developed and countless landscaping enhancements have been done throughout the property. A wonderful volunteer team has been established that continues to grow and support the many needs that arise. Hope Farm has also built many relationships with local people in this area like the fire department who helps with controlled burns and local farmers who bale the hay during hay cutting seasons. But most importantly, people’s lives are being changed. Whether it be displaying the love of Jesus to someone making a delivery at the farm or ministering to someone at a Saturday workshop, the good news of Jesus Christ is transforming people each and every day. The money raised in the Grow Campaign has provided funds to begin a very intentional process of exploring the continued development of Hope Farm. We want to update you on where we are in this process. A master planning company with decades of experience has been hired to work alongside the leadership of Moments of Hope Church to create a master plan for Hope Farm. We have been sitting in dreaming sessions and gathering significant information such as surveys of the property and topo maps in order to determine future infrastructure needs, being intentional to look at the entire 137 acre property before any major projects begin. Every step is extremely important as we work together to find solutions for things like bathrooms and a climate controlled space. As the process unfolds, we look forward to sharing more details. We are certain that the generosity from The Grow Campaign will only enhance the incredible ministry that is already happening at the farm! When people hear about Hope Farm, their first question is usually, “What do you grow out there?” We have started to chuckle whenever we get asked this question, because the truth is… we GROW people. Hope Farm is creating unique environments through workshops, trainings, and day retreats that are allowing people to GROW in their understanding of Jesus and to GROW alongside one another. At the end of the day, Hope Farm wants to activate and cultivate people who flourish as ambassadors of Jesus and his Kingdom. The Latin root “acti” in “activate” means “to do.” The Latin root “culti” in "cultivate” means “to grow.” We want to see all people DOING the things that Jesus did and GROWING in their understanding of Jesus and His Kingdom. 2 Corinthians 5:20 says that God placed us on this earth to be ambassadors for Jesus. We believe the time is now for the bride of Christ to rise up and to flourish as Christ’s representatives in the earth! May God continue to use Hope Farm for his glory!


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The Grow Campaign was launched in March 2022 to begin the development and cultivation of Hope Farm for the Kingdom of God. As we come to the end of the pledge period we ask that you you:




The Farm holds regular events, trainings and workshops to equip God's people for Kingdom impact.



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In August of 2020, Moments of Hope Church purchased a beautiful 137-acre property now named Hope Farm. During the pandemic, this incredible farm served as an interim gathering place for Moments of Hope Church.


Currently, the Farm is being developed into a dynamic environment to train and equip God's people for Kingdom impact, and to see more people experience salvation and wholeness in Jesus.


Upcoming Events

April 1  |  10:00a - 4:00p
Saturday at the Farm:

Family Day Retreat

April 15  |  9:00a - 3:00p

Hope Farm Workday

Details and registration

April 28 - April 29
Mother Daughter Retreat

May 5 |  7:00p - 9:30p

Honey Tasting

May 6 |  10:00a - 8:00p

Marriage Day Retreat

May 20 |  11:00a - 5:00p

Wholeness Retreat

May 2|  5:30p - 8:00p

Worship Night at the Farm

June 13 and June 15
Hope Kids: "Solid Ground" Day Camp