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Sunday January 24th

Hope Little Kids

In this week's Bible story, you will hear about something that was empty at first, but then became completely full. Here’s a hint: It has to do with fish. 🐟

Everyone who heard Jesus’ teaching was amazed. Everyone who saw Jesus send Peter out to catch all of those fish was amazed! Jesus is out-of-this-world amazing!

Make it personal by drawing a giant net (basically a big circle) and put it on the fridge or a door where your family can see it every day. Talk about how miracles are things that only Jesus can do, which is one reason why Jesus is so amazing! Use this week to “fill the net” (using fish cut outs or small pieces of construction paper) with miracles that your Little Kid has learned this month, as well as miracles Jesus has done in your family’s life, too. 

Who is amazing?  Jesus is amazing! 

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Memory Verse:

“Everyone who heard him was amazed.” Luke 2:47, NIV

Key Question:

Who is Amazing?

Bottom Line:

Jesus is Amazing.

Bible Story: 

Jesus’ miracles are amazing.

(Catching Fish)

Luke 5:1-10








    Hi Parents!    

This month we’ve looked at some Rules for Life that help us live with responsibility and show others they can trust us. Just like there are rules to all our favorite board games, Rules of Life will help us learn how to live a life for Jesus.

The message of Jesus’ story this week is clear: God wants us to make the most of what He gives us. We may not have bags of gold, but we do have other things that God has given us. God has given us gifts, talents, and relationships with other people. He wants us to be responsible with what He’s given us. He wants us to make the most of what we’ve been given.


Make it personal with your Big Kid by looking at ways you can make the most of what you’ve been given.


How can you use what you’ve been given to love others well this week? 

Story Videos (1st - 3rd)

Story Videos (4th - 5th)


 Bottom Line: 

Make the most of what you’ve been given.

 Life App: 

Responsibility—showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you.

 Basic Truth: 

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


 Bible Story: 

Golden Slumbers

(Parable of the Bags of Gold)

Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV)


Memory Verse: 

“Suppose you can be trusted with something very little. Then you can also be trusted with something very large.” - Luke 16:10a (NIrV)

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