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10 Proofs of the Resurrection: Jesus Received Worship

by David Chadwick

I love the many proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus. They provide evidence to the message that has captured my heart and changed my life. 

I want to share this proof with you today: Jesus received worship from those who saw him after the Resurrection. 

Why is this significant? Because only God is worthy of worship. Only God can receive worship. If any creature demands your worship, you should adamantly refuse. 

Yet when Jesus appeared to Thomas in his resurrection, Thomas fell to his knees and said, “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28). Note the personal “my.” After much doubting and questioning, the reality of Jesus’s Resurrection became personal to him. He saw the nail-marked hands and the scar in his side. He worshiped the risen Jesus.

Jesus came to restore us to a relationship with God. He did not come to give us a set of rules and regulations. Jesus was now a personal Lord and God.

And here’s what’s most astounding: Note, JESUS RECEIVED IT!

There are other places in the Bible where angels appear to humans and they fall to their knees to worship the angel. But the angel always tells the humans to arise. Get up! The angels tell humans that they are NOT to be worshiped. They are creatures, not the Creator. Only the Creator is worthy of worship. 

But Jesus allows Thomas to worship him. Why? He has been raised from the dead. He is alive! Therefore, he is God! It’s an audacious claim to deity!

And he is worthy of all worship, honor, and praise!


Our "10 Proofs of the Resurrection" series was originally released in 2023. For additional resources on this subject, please visit our website.

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