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5 Miracles of Christmas: It is a Rescue Mission

by David Chadwick Christmas is a rescue mission. A mission to rescue mankind, the crown of God’s creation, from the influence and power of the evil one. To set us free from the curse of sin and death. Before Jesus came as a baby in a manger, we were all dead in our sins and trespasses with no hope of living forever with our eternal Father (Ephesians 2:1-2). The wages of our sin is death. Separation from our heavenly Father forever. A fragmented life bound by the kingdom of darkness. After 400 long years of waiting and longing for a Savior, a Deliverer, and a Rescuer (from Malachi to Matthew), the Father said to the Son, “Will you go? And rescue my children from their sins?” The Son, named Jesus (which means “Savior”), said “Yes” to his Father’s request. Jesus put on human flesh, took on the form of a servant, and went to the cross to rescue us from our sin. He then rose from the dead to show us that his resurrection is now our resurrection, for those of us who believe (Philippians 2:5-11). We now sit with Jesus in the heavenlies, ruling over all (Ephesians 2:6). A mysterious reality of grace that Jesus made possible. Amidst the pain, turmoil, stress, and problems of this broken world, we have this hope as an anchor for our soul. We have been forgiven of our sins and rescued from the kingdom of darkness and placed into our Father’s glorious kingdom of light. Ruling and reigning with him forever. This is the true miracle of Christmas. A rescue mission that secures our eternal hope. And gives us new citizenship in an everlasting kingdom.

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