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Music was God’s idea. He invented it. All the chords, harmonies, and melodies came from his musical mind. He graciously gave music to us as a common grace for all.

Music is a powerful antidote to anxiety as it moves the heart like nothing else. Even secular studies have proven that 20 minutes of live singing with other people can make you feel significantly better and increase wellness. It’s a free and easy way to sing your troubles away.

And did you know that the Bible has more than 400 references to singing and includes 50 direct commands to sing – not suggestions, but commands. From God’s perspective, singing isn’t optional. And God’s perspective is worth noting.

Therefore, gather in your weekly worship experiences whenever possible. And sing your praises to the Lord. When we gather together with other believers and sing faith declarations with them, we witness the faith of those around us singing passionately. Their faith builds into our own.

Remember, singing is thoughts put to music. Songs of praise to the One who created music should always be on our lips. As we memorize the truths in his Word and proclaim them through song, we drive those truths deeply into our hearts.

Faith will reign and anxiety will flee.

Now sing praise throughout your day.

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