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A Lesson From Geese

Geese fly 73 percent farther together than alone.  TheV formation allows the least amount of wing usage necessary from the geese.  Each goose uses the updraft from the one flying in front of him to reduce the amount of energy needed to flap his wings.

Have you ever noticed why geese honk as they fly?  Because the lead goose is facing the full force of the headwind.  If he dares to look back to see whether his friends are still flying in the proper V formation, his neck will suddenly snap.

The geese honk to tell the head goose that they are still rightly structured in their formation and faithfully following him.  They haven’t left him alone.  They are with him and encouraging him to keep flying.

Geese make good teammates.

If one of the geese should get tired, sick, or be shot and fall to the ground, two others from theVformation immediately leave to check on their friend.  As soon as the fallen goose is able, the three begin flying again - you guessed it - in a V formation.  It takes at least three geese to reestablish this formation in order to fly 73 percent farther together than alone.

Maybe geese are smarter than humans.  Too often we leave our hurting and sick to face life alone.  But geese know that they need each other so they can fly farther.

Who comprises your V formation?  Who helps you fly farther?  Who reminds you that you are not alone?  These are your teammates, yourV formation.  The friends God has ordained to encourage you and remain by your side.  

As the global pandemic continues, we must surround ourselves with faithful companions just as geese do.  We must fight isolation by reminding ourselves - constantly - that we are never alone.

God is always with us (Matthew 28:20).  And he’s given us teammates to be with us too. 

Surround yourself with faithful friends.  When you do, together you can overcome anxiety.

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