• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Dogs Only Bark at Moving Cars

Dogs only bark at moving cars.

Have you ever noticed this fact? Dogs don’t go up and bark at parked cars. Never! They only bark at cars that are moving.

Here’s the lesson: it’s only when you try to do something important with your life that people start criticizing you.

Be lazy. Make no effort. Never try anything new.

No one says anything then. Silence. Crickets.

But God wants us to dream and dream big! He wants us to move forward! To accomplish great things for him and his kingdom. To work for something so big only God can do it.

And in the process, to ignore what critics say. When we seek God’s kingdom first, seek his will for our lives, we please the very one who gave us our dreams (Matt. 6:33). And our job is to please him and him alone.

Keep moving forward for God’s kingdom.

And the opinion of others no longer greatly matters.

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