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Davidisms - The Disciplined Man is the Freest Man of All

Here’s another lesson I learned from my college basketball coach, Dean Smith: The disciplined man is the freest man of all. That’s because when you have self-discipline, you’re able to say “no” to immoral temptations. To destructive behaviors. You’ve developed the ability to control your emotions. Your decisions. And overcome your weaknesses as well. And once you’ve become self-disciplined, you’re free. Free to say “yes” to the good which God brings into your life. To pursue what’s best for you. To walk down a righteous path toward achieving your goals and dreams. To his will and purposes for your life. Despite being tempted otherwise. Self-control is the last fruit of the Holy Spirit for a reason (Gal. 5:22). For when you’ve truly been “baptized” in the Holy Spirit, you’re able to say “no” to sin, and “yes” to God’s plan for your life. It’s why the disciplined man is the freest man of all. He’s ruled only by the voice and will of God.

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