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Davidisms - Waiting

For the next three weeks during the Advent season, I will focus on one word related to the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Here’s the first. --- Waiting. During the Intertestamental time period between Malachi (the last book of the Old Testament) and Matthew (the first book of the New Testament), there were 400 years of silence. Which meant 400 years of no prophetic word from the Lord. Waiting. Anticipation. Expectation. For the Messiah to come. It’s the resounding theme we sing in the beloved Christmas hymn, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” Rejoicing while awaiting the fulfillment of God’s promise to Israel. Have you ever had to wait on a promise from God? If so, don’t give up! Most of God’s greatest saints have had to wait for God to fulfill his promises to them. Abraham waited to become a father for 25 years. David to be king for seven years. Paul to preach the gospel for 14 years. Jesus to start his earthly ministry for 18 years. During the waiting is when God does some of his greatest work. In our hearts. Building faith. Teaching trust. Shaving off selfishness. Therefore, always wait well. God is in your waiting. This Christmas season. And all seasons throughout your life.

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