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Davidisms - When You Have a Conflict, Go to the Person

Sadly, most of us have developed a pattern in how we deal with conflict. We tend to talk about the person to someone else before talking to the person. But that’s not what Scripture teaches. Jesus couldn’t have been more clear. “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you” (Matt. 18:15). When the Prince of Peace tells us specifically how to handle conflict, it’s something we should all take to heart. Jesus wants us to address conflict head-on. He’s teaching us how to prevent gossip from ever starting. Poisoning a person’s reputation. Go to the person. Not to someone else to talk about the person. Go to the person. This includes writing a text. Email. Letter. Even a phone call. Anything! Say what you need to say, but do so to the person’s face. And remember, if possible, simply step over the offense. Let it go! That’s the easiest first step. But if you cannot step over the offense, go straight to that person. It’s what Jesus commanded. He alone is the Lord of the universe! And if Jesus commanded it, we should do it.

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