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Hidden Gems in the Christmas Story: Be Quiet, Zechariah!

by David Chadwick

“Be quiet, Zechariah!” This is essentially what God ended up saying to Zechariah after his doubt and unbelief. It’s today’s “hidden gem” found in the Christmas story. Let me explain.

Zechariah was a priest. He served God in the temple. But he and his wife, Elizabeth, really wanted a baby. They had waited so long for one.

Finally, an angel named Gabriel appeared in the temple and told him the baby was on the way. Do you know what his first response was? He expressed words of doubt. Unbelief. He questioned God. And God shut his mouth for the next nine months.

Why, you might ask? I can only guess that the Lord didn’t want words of unbelief spoken around this baby.

Science proves that babies can hear even in the womb. And I can’t help but wonder if God wanted only words of faith spoken around this child, John the Baptist, an essential person in Jesus’s life. Could it be that faith needed to be so deeply ingrained in John the Baptist’s life and story that God didn’t want one word of unbelief spoken that he might hear? It is certainly worth considering.

Still. Quiet. Sober-minded. And a heart filled with joy, love, hope, and faith. These are all words that should describe a faithful follower of Jesus.

Psalm 46:10, paraphrased, says to be still and know that God is God.

During this season especially, speak only words of faith, hope, life, and blessing. A lot of word pollution in our world comes from critical tongues. May we choose the better path. And help little ones grow in their faith.

Another Christmas gem to cling to during this special time of year.

Thank you for sharing a moment of your day with us throughout the year. This is our last week of distribution of the Daily Moment of Hope for 2023. We look forward to sending you a Daily Moment of Hope again beginning January 1, 2024.

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