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Hidden Gems in the Christmas Story: Don't Forget Joseph

by David Chadwick

We are halfway through our Christmas treasure hunt. Looking at hidden gems in the Christmas story. There are so many special messages that can be found in this story.

Today’s hidden gem is connected to Joseph. We can’t forget about Joseph.

He, too, had Gabriel visit him just like Mary did. God chose HIM to be Jesus’s earthly daddy. Like Mary, he was godly. He was essential in raising Jesus.

Dads are so important. They model faith. Their presence should give life to those around them. They show their daughters and sons how to live for God.

God chose Joseph to be Jesus’s daddy because he was a man of great faith. He was obedient. As whispers of scandal enshrouded Jesus’s hometown and beyond, that the child in Mary’s womb was conceived out of wedlock, Joseph stood by her. Protected her. Stayed committed to her even though he was tempted to leave her and could not explain the child in her womb.

Joseph was a Godly man. He exemplified Godly manhood. What an example for all men to follow! And his story is told nowhere else except in the Christmas story. Another hidden gem? I think so!

The humility and quietness of his role speaks volumes. May we not miss or overlook the significance of this man.

To all the fathers and men reading this, I want this to speak directly to you for a moment. Your role matters. The significance of what you carry as a father figure matters. I don’t care if you have biological children or not, if you know Jesus, you have been called to lead, protect, care for and father those who are younger than you in a God-honoring way.

Let today’s hidden gem encourage men to grow in biblical manhood!

And total obedience to Jesus.

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