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Hidden Gems in the Christmas Story: Family Ministry

by David Chadwick

Did you know the Christmas story is built on a foundation of family? Ministry that is knit together by a strong family carries such a powerful expression of the heart of God. In fact, I have heard it said that the government of heaven is family.

God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit - they work in perfect unity and are a powerful reflection of whole, pure love. And all of us who believe are the Father’s children, eternally living with our big brother, Jesus, who places his life in the Holy Spirit inside us all. So, whether you have strong family connections on this side of eternity or not, there is always a place for you in the family of God - the church.

Marilynn and I have known the joy of sharing ministry with members of our family. At first, we wondered if it would work. Now, after several years, we see the beauty of it. Ministering together as a family to carry forth the Gospel message should not be unusual. It’s found throughout the Bible and especially in the Christmas story.

Did you know that Mary and Elizabeth were cousins? That made John the Baptist and Jesus cousins, too! They probably grew up as close friends.

Did you know Salome was a sister to Mary? That means James and John, her two boys, were cousins to Jesus as well. James and John went on to be chosen by Jesus to be an essential part of his apostolic band.

Jesus could have built out his ministry alongside anyone, but he chose to build it out, at least in part, through family. Look at James, John’s brother, who became the first martyr. John, James’s brother, was the disciple whom Jesus loved and wrote several books in the New Testament. As Jesus was dying on the cross, he looked down and saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved and told them to take care of one another (John 19:25-27).

And don’t forget Mary and Joseph. They raised God’s Son. They taught him holiness and godliness.

Jesus’s family ministry worked! And it all began at Christmas!

Another Christmas hidden gem. A beautiful treasure to unearth during the Christmas season to point you to the wonderful gift that came through Jesus Christ.

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