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Hidden Gems in the Christmas Story: Mary the Songwriter

by David Chadwick

These hidden gems in the Christmas story are like precious jewels that you can go back to again and again during this time of the year to stir up your faith and renew your hope for Jesus’s return.

Today’s hidden gem: Mary the songwriter.

After Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that Jesus was on the way and explained the role he would play for the world, Mary wrote a song of praise called The Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55).

This song is full of poetry, passion, and joy. She worships the Lord, praises his name. She speaks of the generations to come that will call her blessed. Declaring the characteristics of this coming King, she stirs up faith with each word.

I have always wanted to write a song. A poem of sorts. Especially to God. I marvel at people who have this gift.

Well, why not write one? It doesn’t have to be published. It doesn’t even need recognition. Let it be from your heart to God. Tell him how much you love him. Speak to what Jesus being sent into this world has done for you. A psalm of praise and worship. Why not try?

Mary did. And she was a simple teen, most likely from a poor family. Her simple, childlike poem of faith went on to be published and read and sung for all eternity!

This Christmas season, inspired by this hidden gem, stretch yourself and try something you may have never thought to try. Write a song to the Lord from your heart to his!

This just may fill your heart with joy like never before.

Thank you for sharing a moment of your day with us throughout the year. This is our last week of distribution of the Daily Moment of Hope for 2023. We look forward to sending you a Daily Moment of Hope again beginning January 1, 2024.

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