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My Personal God - My King

The eternal God of the universe wants to be your close, personal friend. He longs to be your steadfast love. Your shield. Your deliverer. To become your personal God. God also wants you to know Him as “My King” (Psalm 2:6). Because that’s exactly who He is - King of Kings and Lord of Lords. An earthly king is the absolute ruler over every part of his entire kingdom. Nothing is outside the king’s sovereign control. All decisions are decided and decreed by the king. The same is true with God as King! But there’s more. Kings are wise. But God is omniscient - all wisdom comes from Him. Kings are powerful rulers. But God is omnipotent - His power is infinite. Think about it this way: If one atom is outside God’s control, then every atom is outside His control. Why? Because He oversees all. And all means all. He is King of your life - working all things for good to fulfill your role in His Kingdom. Do you know God as your personal King? Pray to Him today, “Lord you are my King! The ruler of the universe! The only ruler of my life. Help me kneel to Your authority. I want to fulfill the plans You have for me in Your royal Kingdom. To trust You with everything in my life.” The sovereign King of the universe is your personal God.

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