• David Chadwick

The Marks of a Christian - Abhor What Is Evil

Is Jesus the Lord of your life? Is your entire life under the control of the Holy Spirit? Are you living your life in a way that is pleasing to God?  

Let’s continue to look closely at the outward marks of a Christian, which reflect an inward life connected to Jesus. By doing so, we’ll ensure we are faithfully following Jesus in all areas of our life.

The next mark of a Christian: “Abhor what is evil” (Romans 12:9a).

The Bible refers to Satan as “the evil one.” Why? Because Satan is the author of all evil. He hates God and everything that comes from God – all that is good. Christ-followers should hate Satan - abhor him and despise him. Because he is the opposite of love.

Anything that is against Jesus and His kingdom is to be despised. Theft. Killing. Destruction. Racism. Sexism. Idolatry. Greed. Trafficking. Anything that hurts God’s heart.

Evil is the one reality God gives His followers permission to abhor. Hate. Despise. 

And instead of being afraid of evil, we should attack it. Destroy it. Send it to hell where it belongs.  

Conversely, Jesus’s followers are called to bring God’s love and power into all evil and harmful circumstances and situations. And then we are to conquer it. 

How? By clinging to what is good.

That’s what we will examine tomorrow.

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