• David Chadwick

The Marks of a Christian - Never Be Wise in Your Own Sight

If you are a follower of Jesus, your life should have outward marks that reflect your inward convictions. These marks signify that you live your life in a way that imitates Christ. Another distinguishing mark of a Christian? Never being wise in our own sight (Romans 12:16).   Being wise means having wisdom – a gift given to us by God. Wisdom is the practical application of life’s knowledge. It’s the ability to contemplate and intersect our lives through a Biblical worldview as opposed to a worldly one. To see God working in all areas of our lives – especially during difficult times. But never try to be wise in your own eyes.  That invites pride into your life.  That kind of pride always leads to destruction. Conversely, do seek God’s wisdom! In the book of James, followers of Jesus are told that if they lack wisdom, they should ask God for it (James 1:5). He will never rebuke you for doing so. Indeed, he loves it when you do.  Can you imagine a world where everyone seeks God’s wisdom daily? Everyone wants to do His will and His will alone - every moment of every day? It’s called heaven. Let’s prepare for heaven now, by seeking wisdom in God’s sight, not our own.

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